Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Machiwad Borsi Diwadandi coastal area flooded by oil deposition

Kanaiyalal Tandel of Machiwad- Borsi Diwadandi area showing the oily tar balls.

The coast of the Diwadandi and South of Umbharat is having heavy tar ball containing crude oil. The deposition is another threat to their livelihood as the fisheries is already affected due to chemical effluent disposal in Mindhola Estuary and Tapi Estuary. The fishes are not available on the shore line in compare to previous decades.

The area of Borsi Umbhrat is having fishing community in significant numbers. The fishing community is totally dependent on the daily fishing in the inter tidal zone and in to near shoreline fishing by small boats. Disposal of effluents from the Hazira industrial units and Sachin Pandesara industrial Estate are affecting the whole coastline.

Sunday, August 9, 2009



OIL Deposition threatening teh mangroves patch at Magod Dungri in PAR Estuary.

Oil Spillage on South Gujarat Coastline.

The South Gujarat coastline has suffered form the oil spillage from the unknown reason. There are tar balls coming to the coastline and oil diposition has taken place. The oil came to the shore was firstly guessed by people as chemical. There were first information came from the Valsad Tithal beach about the oil balls coming from the sea. The GPCB has taken the samples of the material diposited. The Analysis of the oily sludge from the Valsad Tithal Beach by Gujarat Pollution Control Board revealed that this is the crude oil as it contained 544 gm/kg of oil and grease. The oil and grease diposition is very serious to the coastal environment and bio diversity. It has come to shore so there is no option left to remove it manually and recycle by waste oil recycler or dispossed off in to secured landfill site TSDF.
BWRC has informed on 6th August 2009 to the authority like Gujarat Pollution Control Board Gandhinagar, Central Pollution Control Board and Department of Environment and Forest Govt of Gujarat and Ministry of Environment and Forest to take necessary action and to find out the source of oil spill at mid sea as it has spread across the 100 kms lilne from Navsari to Daman. BWRC has also informed Coast Guard Head quarter on 6th August 2009. The Coast Guard has taken note of it and started to trace the source.