Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Machiwad Borsi Diwadandi coastal area flooded by oil deposition

Kanaiyalal Tandel of Machiwad- Borsi Diwadandi area showing the oily tar balls.

The coast of the Diwadandi and South of Umbharat is having heavy tar ball containing crude oil. The deposition is another threat to their livelihood as the fisheries is already affected due to chemical effluent disposal in Mindhola Estuary and Tapi Estuary. The fishes are not available on the shore line in compare to previous decades.

The area of Borsi Umbhrat is having fishing community in significant numbers. The fishing community is totally dependent on the daily fishing in the inter tidal zone and in to near shoreline fishing by small boats. Disposal of effluents from the Hazira industrial units and Sachin Pandesara industrial Estate are affecting the whole coastline.

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